It’s time for Montenegro to breathe! Air pollution is one of the biggest ecological problems of today. The consequences of this burning problem are felt by the citizens of Montenegro, mostly in the North. In the North of Montenegro, citizens feel the consequences of this problem for up to a hundred days a year, since they inhale polluted air. Air purifiers are very expensive and very difficult to get. In Montenegro, it is necessary to set aside two average wages to get an air purifier. We are here to present a solution to this problem.
Our solution is presented by the „Prodiši“ („Breath-in“) team and it is a device that is affordable to every Montenegrin home, since it costs very little, and solves the problem of air pollution as well as branded expensive air purifiers. When we analyzed what the air purifiers bring to the table, we found out that the only thing solving this problem is a „hepa“ filter, that can be found on a regular fan, while everything else is esthetics or the sheel of the device itself. These filters cost very little and can be obtained through our project.
We’re here to distribute „hepa“ filters to every home, and then you can use them with your old fans, giving them new life, or with air conditioners, by placing „hepa“ filters on them, and have absolutely clean, one hundred percent clean air in your home. Also if they opt for this option, the users can buy our air purifier which purifies air up to a hundred percent.