Naš tim čine osobe koje dijele zajedničku strast prema osnaživanju mladih i neumornim radom poboljšavaju kvalitet programa i sami uticaj istog.

Organizacija koja sprovodi SIA program u Crnoj Gori

  • Center for Youth Education

    NGO „Center for Youth Education“ is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political youth organization, founded in Podgorica in 2009, with the aim of supporting, affirming and encouraging young people to strengthen activism, volunteerism, mobility and non-formal education.

    As a socially responsible organization, we have been implementing projects for years related to strengthening the capacity of young people, their informal education, development of a culture of youth participation, providing mechanisms for their activism and development of youth work.

    We strive to contribute to the creation of better conditions for growing up, maturing, living and working of young people in our environment with our ideas and projects. As values that we provide, we can mention teamwork, tolerance, transparency, desire for networking and innovation in work, as well as readiness and openness to new experiences and knowledge.

Lokalni tim

Naš model

SIA je razvila jedinstveni model skaliranja koji nam je dozvolio da dosegnemo mlade u 25 zemalja od 2009. godine.

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